Engagement Couple's Style | Washington DC Wedding Planning

One of the biggest questions that photographers get is: "What do I wear to my engagement shoot?" Well, to answer some of those questions, we decided to bring in future bride Maya to talk about her, and fiancé Tareq's, fabulous engagement shoot style. 

First off, how did you and Tareq meet? 

Tareq and I were family friends since middle school but it wasn't until we ran into each other at a concert in DC in 2013 that we felt a spark. From there, I was invited to a party at his house and we talked all night and he asked me to lunch the next day (where he brought my favorite kind of middle eastern chocolate. The rest was history. Tareq proposed in NYC, my favorite city in the entire world. He took me to dinner and when I got up from the table, he placed a small box at my plate. He got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.

How would you describe your personal style, and how does it differ from Tareq's? 

I would describe my personal style as edgy, yet feminine. I definitely love to offset my feminine style with a little bit of edge to represent my personality. I don’t like anything too pretty and sweet. I love to juxtapose a soft, feminine shape with a cool, structured piece. As a stylist, I stay current on fashion trends, but only try the ones that work for my personality and body type. My style tends to be a bit unexpected and I like to keep my outfits fresh and new.

Tareq’s style is similar to mine, in that it has a little bit of edge. His style is very effortless and cool. He tends to favor more clean and minimal styles, but lets his goofy personality shine through with his fun, casual looks. Tareq is all about comfort, which gives him that effortless look.

How did you go about choosing outfits for your engagement session? 

 I wanted something timeless, and nothing too trendy. This dress has that but still shows my personality. Tareq and I each wanted bold colors that didn’t compete, but complimented each other. We had our photos taken at Brookside Gardens, so we took into consideration our surroundings. We also didn’t want to be overdressed for a garden setting, but still wanted to stand out against the green and brown tones of an late Summer day.

Who was the designer of your dress, Tareq's suit, and your ring? 

My dress was from a designer called Self Portrait. Tareq's jacket was from H&M, his pants were from J.Crew, and his shirt was Hugo Boss. The ring was a custom design from IGS Diamond Professionals. 

Did you get your hair and makeup done? If so, who did it? 

I did! My makeup was done by Tamar C Makeup, and my hair was done by Sara Jazayeri. 

What advice would you have for our readers when choosing outfits for engagement sessions? 

Definitely take into account the setting of your engagement photo session. I try to choose outfits that feel a bit unexpected too, and not something quite so predictable--that's what makes for a great session! Comfort is also key, because if you are uncomfortable, it will show in a photo. And of course, an amazing photographer never hurts!